Forex Trading Course

Forex Trading Course

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Course Description

The Forex market is the world’s biggest and most liquid markets with a huge amount of trading volume completed every day. The global daily volume traded on Forex exchanges around the world is in excess of $5 trillion.  

Forex trading, sometimes called FX trading, is the exchange of one currency for another and for this reason currencies are always traded in pairs, for example, GBP/USD. Forex trading is popular with traders because of high levels of liquidity, often sharp spikes in volatility and huge volume. 

Why Boss Traders Forex Course?

Lots of new traders join the Forex markets every single day. But the sad truth is that most of those lose all their money before they’ve properly learned how to trade. The fact is  90% of traders lose money and 80% of all day traders quit within the first two years.  Yet, some beginners do learn to trade the Forex market and go on to earn a more than comfortable living from it.

So what differentiates the successful traders from those that fail before they’ve even started?

A proper trading education.

Learn to trade Forex with the #1 Online Forex Trading Course available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The course materials have been produced over the course of two intensive years of work at a great investment, and are of a high professional and technical standard. 

The course includes:

  • Complete training on the Forex market
  • A practice/real trading account with a reputable Forex broker
  • Broker platform tutorial and setup

Topics covered in the Online Forex Trading course include:

  • Introduction to Forex Trading
  • Candlesticks Patterns
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Using Technical Indicators
  • Fibonacci Trading
  • Trading Psychology
  • Capital Management
  • Using Trading Orders Such as  Market, Limit, Stop Loss & Trailing Stops
  • MT4 Installation and Basics

What is more?

  • You will get lifetime access to this course, without any limits!
  • The course will update frequently with more up-to-date learning resources.
  • Get dedicated support from the course Instructors and the learning community anytime you need!

So don’t hesitate to give yourself a chance to learn new things by just taking this course now!

Forex trading can be quite lucrative if done correctly. Like most, there is a system to success. This course will provide you with the knowledge to start participating in this lucrative market.

If you have further questions please visit our FAQ page. To get started right now, click the signup button below.  


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