Client Testimonials


What Some Of Our Students and Clients Have To Say!!!

“BEST SIGNALS EVER!!! ~ Jasmine T (London, UK)

“I’ve been using your signal service and shocking that they are highly accurate at most of the time. I would definitely recommend your services to my close friends and families. “ ~ Keven K (New York)

“I am EXCITED to work with Boss Traders, LLC. Trevor James is a master trainer. His confidence, Forex mastery, and talent is simply AMAZING. I am learning the art of patience, discipline, strategic positioning, balance, emotional detachment, and having a positive mindset. Working with Trevor and Boss Traders was one of the best decisions I made in 2019. I am not new to learning the Forex market. For two years, off and on, I sat glued to the computer starting at 3:30 AM and made no more than $100 at a time. As a new Forex client with Boss Traders, for nearly a month now, I have made close to $1,000. I am looking forward to this new journey, and Boss Traders is the way to go!!! “ ~ Edwina A (Atlanta, GA)

“Great products and service.” ~ Benjamin C (Singapore)

“This was well worth the time and money.”  ~ John G (Richmond, VA)

“Boss Trader’s affordable Forex training made my learning experience so enjoyable.” ~Angela P (Australia) 

Great product, received my subscription fee back on the first trade. Looking forward to a great year.” ~ Richard P  (Atlanta, GA)

“Definitely exceeded my expectations and taught me some new strategies and tactics.”  ~ Sarah S (Los Angeles, CA)

“I would pay 10 times the amount for the training that I received.”  ~ Joe W ( Cincinnati, OH)

“These guys definitely know their stuff. I am glad I found them. I am a better  and more profitable Forex trader .”  ~ Peter B (New York, NY)

“I made $750 my first day of trading using the strategies I learned in online video training“~ Raphael V (Atlanta, GA)

“Hi Trevor. Great knowledge and awesome trading strategy. Thanks again.” ~ Steve C (Atlanta, GA)

“The Forex trading course has helped me learn how to get started and profit from day one.”  ~Michael T (San Antonio, TX)

“Hello Trevor! Loved your book, got some much-needed information. Thanks!”  ~ Marcus S (Seattle, WA)

“The personal coaching is awesome!!!”  ~ Lin Y(Hong Kong)

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